Undiscovered Publishing: New Name same Goals

So you may have noticed a big change recently, namely the fact that we’ve transitioned from JSmith Publishing to Undiscovered Publishing. The name change we feel better suits the goals for the company.

Founder and Owner of Undiscovered Publishing, Jordan Smith, had this to say about the name change and the overall re-branding of the publishing house.

“This name change further displays our mission for giving writers and previously published authors a chance to expand their platform, thus being able to have more success later on in their career when they move on from us. Undiscovered Publishing is here to help those “undiscovered” writers and authors become discovered on a world-wide platform.”

The publishing house was founded & on May 28, 2018 under the name JSmith Publishing. Since then, we’ve already managed to attract authors to us and have published two titles Launch Pad: Volume I & Jean Stone Crime Series Volume I: Stranger Among Us. With this new name change, we plan to focus even more on our overall goals as a publishing company.

Smith had this to say on the goals and aspirations of the publishing house moving forward.

“Undiscovered Publishing is determined and driven by helping those unpublished writers learn about the publishing process, as well as helping with growing their readerbase for later on in their author career for if they self-publish or go for a big time traditional publisher.”

Their are also a further two books in the pipeline to be published following this transition, namely Cracked & Launch Pad: Volume II which you should keep an eye out. But equally important is to keep watching as Undiscovered Publishing grows and develops, fuelled by the hard working people associated with it and the talented and creative authors whom we publish.

If you want to check out the site and find out more then follow this link and make sure and check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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