Cracked novel available for pre-order

“After the traumatic event that shatters his life, Dan Williams is whisked away by his grandfather, away from his home and everything he knew. Dan lives a good life when not haunted by his memories.”

Undiscovered Publishing, formerly JSmith Publishing (and if you want to learn more about the name change then click here) has recently published Cracked, a novel by Jacob Faust.

As one of the first authors brought on board and the third book published by this new publishing company, we are firmly cementing both the ideals of quality that we strive for with every book we publish but also our support for new authors.

Cracked itself is a psychological novel and is the first published novel by the author, you can pre-order the book right now on Amazon (UK and US) or from Barnes and Noble.

“I think it’s probably going to feel like Christmas for a five-year-old. It’s gonna be just kinda surreal, this thing I’ve been looking forward to for so long is finally here”– Jacob Faust (regarding his first book being published)

We here at Undiscovered Publishing are massively excited for this release and as mentioned above you can pre-order this release, which will be available on March 28th on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you need additional convincing then check out this trailer for the book.

So please support the author by ordering his debut novel, you can also show support by following him on Facebook and Twitter. If you want to find out more about Jacob Faust and his book ‘Cracked’ you can also check out this interview.

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