Ashley Ener

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Hello, I am Ashley Ener and I am a Content Editor and Page Formatter for Undiscovered Publishing! I am currently a student at Lone Star College working on my Associate of Arts degree. I hope to go on to major in Creative Writing at the University of Houston after my time at Lone Star.

In the last year I have discovered a love for writing poetry as well as prose. I have really enjoyed exploring this side of the writing world. When I am not writing, I am more than likely reading or watching a True Crime documentary. Some of my favorite authors are Jane Austen (not uncommon I know, but she is so good!), Quinn Loftis, and Siri Mitchell. My favorite book depends on what mood I am in – today it is The Great Gatsby. Books mean so much to me because they have allowed me to escape during times in my life when I desperately needed to be anywhere but where I was in that season.

The writers I find myself coming back to over and over again are the ones who stand out gracefully. They do not always do what is expected or go along with the latest trends. They allow their stories and characters to be authentic without forcing them to do something different just for the sake of being different. I love writers that surprise me. No matter if it is prose or poetry, I feel as if they’ve left a piece of themselves in their work. When they do this, it allows me a glimpse into a world I might not otherwise have been able to see – & the world is too full and beautiful to only see one side of it.