Emma Jean

Hello, I’m Emma Jean. I am one of the Co-Events Directors here at Undiscovered Publishing.

I’m a New Englander who was raised in a large French-Canadian family and is now living with my husband in Texas, so I say funny things like “It’s wicked hot y’all, can you please pass the poutine?”

I have a B.A in Humanities with a concentration in French Language, History and Culture from the University of New Hampshire, and a M.Ed in Higher Education Administration from Tiffin University.

I have over 5+ years of experience in event planning which I hope to use now to aid in supporting and connecting the Writing Community as they usher their works into the world.

I am an advocate of literature, and its essential role in society, as it helps us connect to the world around us, further empathize with the people we interact with daily, and serve as an escape when the world is a bit too much. I write YA/NA novels and children’s picture books. But when I’m not telling stories about falling in love in Paris, farting fish, or ambitious hedgehogs, I enjoy reading just about anything. Some of my favorite authors include Stephanie Perkins, Georgette Heyer, L.M. Montgomery, A. A. Milne, and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

When I’m not reading or writing (which isn’t often) you can probably find me playing volleyball, baking cupcakes, or stuffing a taco into my face.

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