FAQs about Undiscovered Publishing

Do you have questions about us? That’s what this page is for! We answer some of the most frequent questions that you may have about anything regarding Undiscovered Publishing!!

Q: Do I pay Undiscovered Publishing to publish our books?

A: No. As explained in our “Just for the record…” page, we do not charge you for publication. That is what seperates us from the vanity press title. Editing, book cover design, marketing and everything else under the publication timeline spectrum come to you at no cost.

Q: How does this defer from traditional publishing?

A: We are different from traditional publishing in a few different ways. Higher royalty percentage shares, more interaction with publishing process, 100% book ownership for author & free publishing services are some of the biggest differences that seperate us from traditional publishing.


Q: Can I submit my manuscript if it has already been published before?

A: Yes, you are more than welcome to do so. You must still, however, follow the submission guidelines and send it into us for consideration in publication by our publishing house.

If you do end up being selected for publication by us, you must also unlist your book online.

Q: Why choose Undiscovered Publishing?

A: We here at Undiscovered Publishing are here to build your platform, to build your readership and build your chances of achieving your goals and aspirations as an author.

We understand that we might not be your forever home. Maybe you want to move onto the New York publishers, or maybe you just want to understand the publishing process a little bit more. That is what we are here for, to build your understanding on the publishing process and to help build your platform for future publishing dreams.

Q: How long does it take to hear back after I sent my manuscript?

A: When you first send in your manuscript, it will be a 20-day period to hear back on the first five chapters of your manuscript. You will then hear back on whether or not the submission team wants to see the rest of the manuscript.

If so, then you will have a 45-50 days waiting period to hear the final answer on whether or not your manuscript will be accepted for publication by Undiscovered Publishing.

Q: Can I submit my manuscript to you for publication consideration if it is currently in the submission process with another publisher?

A: Yes, you may. However, we would prefer that you wait to hear back from the other publisher before you submit that same manuscript to us. It makes it fair for the publisher that currently has your manuscript to have the ability to accept your manuscript, should they do so.

Any other questions that you have for us? Let us know below! We hope that this helped you with your questions that you may have had.