Jaime Dill

Hi, I’m Jaime Dill. I hang out around here at Undiscovered Publishing as an Editorial Intern. I am also full time Editor and Query Coach for my personal editing business, Polish & Pitch.

I’ve had an editor brain since before I can remember. My first industry experience came in 2016, and I’ve been working full blast ever since. My editorial philosophy is that I’m not only here to help writers use the right words or follow the right rules. I’m here to help you learn your writing voice. It’s going to crack and strain as you learn how to use it. But a perfectly unique and beautiful cadence will emerge. And it is my job to help you recognize it, embrace it, and celebrate it.

My influences are of a wide range, from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green to ancient religious texts to English poets of the 1500’s. I’ve always enjoyed reading words from all corners of the world for it gives me a greater understanding of humanity. Though, admittedly, one cannot spend every moment editing or reading. And that is when you will find me baking, gardening, or eating my weight in ice cream as I binge on Netflix.