Jordan Smith

Jordan Smith

Hello there! My name is Jordan Smith. I am the Founder & Owner, as well as the Book Cover Designer for Undiscovered Publishing!

I started this company with the intention of giving writers an opportunity to become an author in the best way possible. Whether they just finished their first manuscript or have been trying to get in touch with a big time publisher but haven’t gotten the yes they are looking for, Undiscovered Publishing is a place that is a lot more accepting of manuscripts.

I enjoyed reading growing up, thanks to my mother. Forcing me (thankfully) to read at a young age, I grew accustom to finding interesting stories throughout my life and going on those adventures. My favorite book is The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin and my favorite book series is the Kingdom Keepers Series from Ridley Pearson (i’m a huge Disney guy).

I have enjoyed every step of this company so far and I hope that this momentum will continue to help other writers become authors for the first time and help make their dreams come true!