Lindsay Hallowell

Hi there, I’m Lindsay Hallowell, and I’m an editorial intern at Undiscovered Publishing. I am pursuing my master’s degree in strategic communication while concurrently working full-time as a technical editor at Texas Tech University.

I started editing over 7 years ago when I was a writing tutor in my undergraduate university’s writing center. The first book I edited was a science fiction novel inspired by the Halo video games. I knew I was a good editor leading up to that project, but that book was what helped me realize my love for editing and the need to embrace my passion for this craft and pursue it as my career. To that end, I started an independent editing company last year so that I could continue helping authors get their manuscripts to publishing quality. My job as an editor goes deeper than grammar and punctuation. My job is to build relationships with my authors, retain their individual voices, and help them publish the best books possible.

When I’m not editing, I’m working on a novel that I started over 18 years ago. This book is my labor of love that I’m hoping to publish in the next few years. The authors who have inspired me the most throughout my life are Anne McCaffrey, Stephen Lawhead, and J.R.R. Tolkien.