Nicole Tran

Hello there! My name is Nicole Tran! I am the Marketing Director & Editorial Intern with Undiscovered Publishing!

Nicole explores the world through what can best be described as emotional doses. She received a B.A. in English – Creative Writing from the University of California, Davis in 2015. Since then, she has dabbled in all forms of literature including short stories, contemporary fiction, and her favorite form, poetry. Nicole has been published in the California Aggie and is a recipient of the Aggie Angelou selection during her time at university. She has since published two works of contemporary fiction on her own that focus on new adult themes as well as themes of identity and self realization. Her books Smoke Signals and Bottleneck Dreams can be found at all major retailers.

Even within her longer works of fiction, she weaves poetry throughout the narrative. With a keen eye for detail, Nicole ensures that her readers always get lost in the world of her words. As an editor, she focuses on a more holistic approach to each piece, crafting a full bodied and soulful image for every project she is involved in. Her diverse experiences as an Asian American woman growing up torn between two cultures lend a rattling and unique perspective to much of her work. Her time spent in film production contribute to her unique awareness of storytelling and visual impact in descriptive language as well.

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