Nina Decuignierre

Hello, I’m Nina Decuignierre and I am a Social Media and Marketing Intern for Undiscovered Publishing! I have recently graduated with a degree in English Language and Culture from the University of Lille, France. I am now based in London, UK and I am working into acquiring more experience in the publishing world!

I have spent most of my life being obsessed with books, and what unsurprisingly started it all was the Harry Potter series when I was about 8. My favourite novel is probably Froth on a Daydream by Boris Vian; it depicts an alternative version of Paris and takes us through a beautiful yet heartbreaking love story. What I love about this book is how it unravels a completely self-contained story in a fictional world where nothing makes sense. Also, having a background in Linguistics, I adore the author’s use of clever as well as funny neologisms, embracing his surrealist heritage.

Reading for me has always been a form of escapism; I love the immersive nature of a good book which allows me to disconnect from reality every now and then. More recently, it’s been a very useful tool to stimulate my creativity, as I am passionate about creating content of any kind. I love writing but also enjoy creating visual content in my spare time.