Our Mission

The Dream of Undiscovered Publishing

Undiscovered Publishing is a publishing house filled with writers who love to dream. We consider it our job to help those dreams come true.

Undiscovered Publishing is what we call a foundation publisher.
Our passion is to give writers that initial break into their author career by supporting their debut work and helping get their name and work out into the broader publishing community.

We serve the author as an initial “Launch Pad”, helping you grow your author platform, as well as your knowledge in the book making industry.
We know that we might not be your forever home and that’s alright. We are the place to get you to where you want to be, whether that is a better self-published success in the future, a deal with one of the “Big Five”, or just being able to say that you wrote a book and have it in print.

Our publishing house centers around your journey and your story. We focus on each and every individual author, providing you with your own editor, marketing team, etc. to make sure that you and your title are as successful as you can be.

What we offer

We follow the traditional publishing style but with the added benefit of the control and freedom you would have with self publishing. This means that we freely provide you with editing, mentoring, book cover design, and formatting while still giving you 100% ownership of your work and an above average royalty rate.

How do our authors get paid?

Our authors get paid monthly royalties, starting at 50%, based on book sales. We do not offer advances to the authors we publish.

Every 365 days (until the third year of the book deal), your royalty share as an author will grow. It’s your work, you should benefit more than us.

What do we request from authors?

We request that our authors help promote their own work alongside us. We at Undiscovered Publishing work hand in hand with each author to build their platform and educate them about media presence and reader connection. Not only do we encourage authors to use their media wisely, we advertise and continually promote each title that we publish on all Undiscovered Publishing media platforms as well.

Authors retain 100% rights to their work through their entire stay with Undiscovered. ISBN and copyright purchase are the responsibility of the author, which allows us to offer our above average royalty rate.