Our publishing timeline

The beginning of your journey with Undiscovered Publishing starts with the submission of your manuscript.

Once you submit your manuscript (which you can do with the link at the bottom of the page), our submission team will take a look at your story and see if it is something we would like to publish with our publishing house.

If your story is not chosen by us for publication, we will refer you to a publishing house to continue that dream of having your story publish. Just because we don’t take it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t.

If your manuscript is chosen by our submission team for publication, then you will begin book deal negotiations with us for your title.

You will be in direct contact with the Founder/Owner Jordan Smith on creating a book deal that is beneficial for both sides and a deal that will be beneficial years down the road for you, the author, more so than for us.

Once the book deal is agreed upon by both parties and the signatures are made official, then both the author and the publishing company will enter a Title Success meeting.

In this meeting, our directors and founder will get together with you, the author, to discuss an effective marketing strategy and successful timeline for your manuscript on its way to publication.

This is where the process begins of turning your manuscript into a published book.

From editing to book cover design to marketing and more, we provide all of that at no cost to the author. This is one of the big things that seperates us from vanity publishers. We DO NOT CHARGE money for you to publish your book.

Traditional publishers will take 18-24 months on average to publish a story, sometimes longer. Here at Undiscovered Publishing, we know that you do not want to wait almost 2 years to show your story to the world.

We publish stories in a 9-12 month timeline. We at Undiscovered Publishing believe in having an effective timeline of publication, with constant work being done almost if not every day of the timeline on your book.

Once the hard work has been finalized and the publish button has been pushed, your story is out for the world to see. Congrats!

Now what? The work does not stop once your book is published. For the entire legnth of the book deal that you sign, we work hand in hand with you to promote your book continuously to the public.

Intrigued? Interested in potentially publishing with us? Click HERE to head to our submissions page where you can submit your manuscript to our team for a chance to be published!