Stephanie Ochoa

Hi! My name is Stephanie Ochoa and I am a social media intern with Undiscovered Publishing!

I am also a mother of four and a full-time teacher. When I am not writing and grading papers and making lesson plans and doing “mom” things, I am reading. I took to reading when my parents were traveling a lot and we didn’t stay in one place much.

I started with Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden stories and it morphed into a lot of different mysteries and romances and sci-fi. I loved how books can transport the reader into a new world. You meet new characters and get involved in their lives. I like the fact that you can step back into the world anytime you want. I would have a hard time narrowing down the books I have read in my lifetime to a favorite. My childhood favorite was The Secret Garden, however. The best books make the best escapes.