Thomas Neil

Hi there, I’m Thomas Neil and I am a blogging & Marketing intern for Undiscovered Publishing. I’m a graduate of City of Glasgow College with a HNC in Professional Writing Skills and alongside this current position I am currently pursuing academic and professional routes into the Journalism field.

What attracted me to this position in the first place was that I would be in some way involved in helping to bring a book to life. That was a very attractive prospect because I always loved reading as a child and escaping into the pages of some cleverly crafted world was my favourite past time and if by doing what I’m doing I can be even a small part of making that experience happen for others then it’s well worth it.

Some of my favourite authors include Dean Koontz, Chris Carter, Ian Rankin, Jane Casey and Laurell K. Hamilton. I also want to give a personal shout out to Oliver Harris, Rebecca Muddiman and Jill Amy Rosenblatt. You may or may not have been able to tell from those examples, but I love crime fiction, I find it endlessly fascinating and would recommend the above mentioned authors to anyone.